Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

vanity shemale blog

stasha fan site

retro shemale stasha tribute blog,,we miss her,,(she was a beautifull ts transsexual)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

heres some retro shemale galleries

theres lilienne li,,stasha,dana douglas,morelle de keigh,,julie bond,china,sulka and angelica or sensational susanne,pasha,lony brown and many otheres...

Heres a pile of amateur shemales and classic shemale movies and Lilienne Li is in a few

classic shemale movies link here

Lilienne li,the most beautiful transsexual who is all woman to me!

Hello all,,Im making somewhat of a schrine for lilienne li,she is a former adult porn star who somewaht had a short carear in it.
I know she has a degree in pyscycology and keeps busy with the trannsexual community and last i investigated she does some moderator work for the TG web site.
I investigated somewhat over the last couple of years on her, but there is so little about her and how she's doing or what she's up to?
i know Lilienne is a busy bee but so little info on her,,,,weird huh?,,,lol
Well,,last i heard she is doing great and also does some stand up comedy at times.
She has a .com also but has never done anything with it....
I always think good thoughts about her and am not into poking into her private life so Im happy enuff if lilienne is doing good.
Someone described her as this:theres Lilienne Li and then theres the others,,LOL
I gues she is only 5:4 or 5:5,,I alsway thought she was taller.
Ill be adding a few pics of lilienne on a regualr basis here and i shall post any information on her.

We love you lilienne Li